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1. Choose an item(s) of your liking and email your order to mypreciouschest@gmail.com
2. Please include item name and preferred shipping method
3. Once a confirmation email is sent to you, the item is reserved for 24 hours
4. Proceed to make payment within the next 24 hours by transferring the amount to:

POSB SAVINGS 249-39455-6

UOB SAVINGS  396-301-984-8
5. If you are paying by ATM, please send us a clear snapshot of your receipt.

1. Opt for normal postage ($0.80) or registered postage ($2.25)

1. We will not be responsible for lost or damaged item(s) should you opt for normal postage
2. We do not do reservations as we work on a first confirm first serve basis
3. Exchanges and refunds are on a case to case basis.
(Chest will check our parcels strictly before sending them out)

Chest reserves the rights to reject a transaction at our own discretion

Chest reseves the rights to ammend the T&C and promotions at any point of timeFor any other enquries, feel free to contact us at mypreciouschest@gmail.com

Bouquet Cluster Necklace : Backorder Arriving 
Email us if you are interested!



Renaissance Inspired Earring : SOLD OUT
Come, demand for backorder !

Credits to Fashion Blogger: Karen Ashley

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