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1. Choose an item(s) of your liking and email your order to mypreciouschest@gmail.com
2. Please include item name and preferred shipping method
3. Once a confirmation email is sent to you, the item is reserved for 24 hours
4. Proceed to make payment within the next 24 hours by transferring the amount to:

POSB SAVINGS 249-39455-6

UOB SAVINGS  396-301-984-8

5. If you are paying by ATM, please send us a clear snapshot of your receipt.
1. Opt for normal postage ($0.50) or registered postage ($2.25)
2. For every subsequent item, add $0.50

*Join Chest's mailing list to enjoy free waiver of normal postage fees

1. We will not be responsible for lost or damaged item(s) should you opt for normal postage
2. We do not do reservations as we work on a first confirm first serve basis
3. Exchanges and refunds are on a case to case basis.
(Chest will check our parcels strictly before sending them out)

Chest reserves the rights to reject a transaction at our own discretion

Chest reseves the rights to ammend the T&C and promotions at any point of time

For any other enquries, feel free to contact us at mypreciouschest@gmail.com

Follow us on Twitter @mypreciouschest to receive exclusive updates & promotions!

We will be doing meet up so you all will be able to wear the accessories for CNY!

1st Feb, Tuesday: 8-9pm   
Starbucks , NEX Mall ( @ Serangoon) 
*payment has to be made before meet up

Ring Diameter : 1.5cm
Fits small size on index finger
and Medium size on 4th finger


Ring Diameter :
Black - 2cm 
   Fits Medium on Index Finger

Color - 1.5cm
Fits Small on Index Finger
and Medium on 4th Finger

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